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About our service

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

We don’t teach our students what the best product is. Instead we show them the way to discover this knowledge on their own by providing User-Centered Design (UCD) methods and Lean UX knowledge. The focus is on hands-on experiences in their own projects. We accompany them on their way from the first ideas to a valuable product by using questions to guide them and identify together new perspectives.

  • Observation

    Find the right idea

    Every idea is beautiful as long as you do not have constraints. So what are your constraints? What are the desires of your customers? Who are your customers? Go out and observe. You will not find them on your desk.

  • Ideation

    All about variety and creativity

    Open your mind and be creative. Sounds horrible? No! There are techniques, believe us. Start with thousands of ideas and then take the right decision for the best one.
    At the end of this phase the team will share the same understanding and a common vision.

  • Prototyping

    How does it feel, how does it look like.

    A prototype says more than thousand words and it can be tested. So build a prototype. The best prototype will answer your question fast and cheap. So be smart and think of the minimum viable product (MVP).

  • Evaluation

    The testing begins

    Nothing is worth more than testing products with real customers. Test cheap and early, fail fast, and test again and again …

  • Live

    and the learning continues

    Lean process never ends but continuously brings new insights and findings. So go on and improve yourself and your products.

  • Live

About our Methods

Our students get an overview of the wide range of UX methods for the different phases in the process. The most relevant and popular ones are practically applied by the students and listed below.


  • Target Group Analysis
  • Personas
  • Root Cause Analysis


  • Sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Communication and critique techniques


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Paper prototyping
  • Digital prototyping techniques


  • Qualitative User Testing
  • Quantitative user research methods
  • Guerilla Testing methods

About us

We love to empower people and teach them the ability to place themselves in their clients’ shoes. At the end of each mentorship it’s surprising and fantastic to see how their way of thinking changed and how enthusiastic they are about their learnings and their products. This is the best reward.

Claudia Weiß

User Experience Designer

Denise Peters

User Experience Designer

Lean UX is more than an approach for us, it's the philosophy. Every mentorship gives us the opportunity to build up freely our mind, measure by early feedback what is working and what not and adjust our methods continuously during mentoring. We learn together with our students the wonderful variety of possibilities out there.